Stumbling through the wreckage


Minke whale washed uo on the shore at Formby, Merseyside

An evening of festive carousing and hospitality courtesy of Dr B McCarthy meant today was only good for a period of quiet reflection (ahem).
A fine time was had by all last night, but on the downside this meant I didn’t get up to Marshside to have a look at the latest drake American Wigeon to grace the site (on Crossens Inner today) – looks a belter from online pics, maybe tomorrow….?
On the upside I was able to complete a piece I’ve been working on about how the Minke Whale washed up at Formby in 2008 met its fate.
You can read all about it on the Sefton Coast Landscape Partnership facebook page here.
Killer Whale picture courtesy and copyright Robert Pitman
Minke Whale at Formby, picture courtesy and copyright Dave McAleavy

One thought on “Stumbling through the wreckage

  1. Now three Tree Sparrow at Dempsey Towers; flock of 30 Twite being chased down by a zippy Merlin earlier this week at Weld Rd, with large numbers of gulls between Ainsdale and Birkdale again, and a happy ho ho ho to all.

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