Bad mustard


Bright sun is never to be wasted at this time of year, so I spent a bit of time out on the mosses today.
Common Buzzard, Merlin, Sprawk and Kestrel were all predictable while the Fieldfares on Plex were as nervous as ever – powering away to higher branches.
So jittery – cyclists, cars, anything really, sends them up and away.
They don’t even seem to like sitting out in the sunlight.
Gorgeous thrushes of course, I was just sneaking up on their blind side when my mobile phone went “beepity beep beep” to inform me of the absolute necessity of mustard and Worcestershire sauce at Dempsey Towers and off they went, scolding me for pants fieldwork.
Local Corn Bunts were dozier than ever in the hard sun.
Over on the Withins, the Pinks were being spooked by the Microlites, and jumpy as hell, but a Merlin held fast, scanning the stubble for Skylarks and finches from a low mound of earth.