Velvet Scoters finally


First time I peered outta the office window today and a fine male Velvet Scoter came batting past – bigger and more powerful than the Commons whizzing everywhere off Ainsdale.
Sod’s law – froze my bits off looking for one yesterday and fluked one today, but that’s how seawatching goes.
Got even better when another male Velvet went past in the company of a Common Scoter about half an hour later.
Both male Velvets seemed to like flying higher than the Commons, and both were well to the landward side of the “scoter ribbon” offshore, so I had great views in the excellent morning light – delighted to finally see ’em again off Ainsdale this year.
I wonder just how many lurk in the scoter horde?
A proper seawatch would probably have repaid the time today, but I have to work sometimes.
Snatched moments between 1040 and 1230 yielded:

Common Scoter 1-2,000+
Velvet Scoter 2 males south (at 1045 and 1125)
Razorbill 5
Great Crested Grebe 7
Red Throated Diver 9
Red Breasted Merganser 8

Good tide tomorrow shortly after 1215 (Ainsdale) and calm-ish too, so it could be worth a punt late morning.