Completely November


Bare branches clawing watery skies, numb toes and all that stuff – ah yes, it could only be November on the mosses.
Went for a good nose about today, and to be honest, given the recent influx nationally, I was fantasising about Rough Legged Buzzard cutting a dash over the fields of Plex – now that would put a crease in a chap’s Craghoppers…
Didn’t seem that unreasonable given the recent excellent run of local birds which have included Lesser Snow Goose, Great Grey Shrike and Cetti’s Warbler, plus a Pom and a Leach’s Petrel for me in the fallout from Hurricane Gonzalo.
But it was not to be.
A few young Rooks amongst the corvids on Plex, and while the newly laid track has slightly taken the edge off motoring over there now, it’s still quite possible to steer into ditchy oblivion if you bird while driving…always a fun combination.
Skylarks and Linnets in the stubble, Yellowhammers in Haskayne Cutting with Common Buzzards and Mistle Thrushes but no sign of the ringtail Hen Harrier that has been out there.
Mossland Saturdays tend to be very shooty shooty bang bang, so it may be better tomorrow.


No Rough Legs, but any week with Petalwort in it can’t be bad – never been Petalwort hunting?
You’ve never lived…