With the last of the light: Lesser Snow Goose, Formby/Downholland Moss.


The combination of an early dart from work, clear blue sky and late sunny sun, plus a big rising moon meant it was still bright enough to catch up with the Lesser Snow Goose on Formby/Downholland Moss this afternoon.
A nice bright one, with crisp black primaries…checked it for the requisite number of wings, beaks and feet – yup, all present and correct – then enjoyed the bird as it grazed amongst the Pinkies and Lapwings.
Say what you like about Snow Geese on the mosses, at least they’re easy to find (okay, apart from blue morphs) – a big green field, a few thousand grey brown Pinks and a great big white blob – bingo!
No apologies for the pants image above – the light had just about gone when I stopped watching the bird feeding and tried digiscoping from the road, I’m sure there’ll be better pics of it about from folk who saw it in broad daylight earlier.
Think the last proper Snow Goose I saw locally was on Downholland too.
Splendid drive-by tickage of it though by June Watt on her way to work – that’s the way to start a shift!
I was at Weld Road at lunchtime, where four Stonechats were flitting about.
Weirdly they appeared to be paired up, males chasing and tussling whenever they got too close, and both being intensely protective of the females.
I know there are records of Stonechat breeding all year round, but I imagine a few cold nights should sort out that type of jiggerypokery this far north.
A few Twite in with the Linnets, but the place was so dog-raddled today (inevitable for a sunny lunchtime unfortunately), the finches never settled, heading out over the vegetation north of Weld Road and out of sight.