Eastern Crowned Warbler: As good a place to (re)start as any…


Frankly I just got tired of everyone asking me the same questions – “Where’s the blog?” “Why don’t you do the blog anymore?” “I miss the birdblog?” etc etc etc.
And I’m far too grumpy to post into the cuddly “thumbs-up” matey mate mate handbags social media-o-sphere, so here we go again.
“All views my own” indeed – of course they are, why would you spend your time repeating someone else’s views unless you are a particularly unimaginative parrot?
May post the last nine years of Birdblog somewhere as an archive, gotta work out how to do that yet – if anyone can advise I’d love to hear from you.
Thanks for dumping the old server TM.
Apparently if you click the speech bubble at the top of this entry you can comment away without difficulty (!)


Whizzed up to Cleveland yesterday morning for the Eastern Crowned Warbler, which was nice and easy…parked up, walked into the copse on the Hunley Golf Course, looked up into a stunted sycamore and there it was.
Weird the way it sat motionless like a flycatcher when not snapping up midges – except when you pointed a camera at it that is, then it just flitted up into the shrivelly sycamore leaves.


Missed the other North East one by a day (the pain of that is a fading memory now), so the humbug stripey head, weird orangey banana-bill and yellow vent were all good good good to see yesterday.
Watched it on and off for two hours in a reasonable crowd with plenty of familiar faces but I gave up trying to digiscope the warbler and resorted to digi-poaching the back of Bob Thompson’s Canon – many thanks for the image Bob, great meeting you!


Yellow Browed Warbler calling in the copse too, with Chiffchaff and Bullfinches overhead before it was time to head home, only to be speed-gunned on the A1 travelling marginally faster than a Needletail backed by a following wind.
Eyes to the…actually no, I’m not that guy anymore.